Upcoming Hours & Events

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Our piercers..

*Rebecca has over 20 years of piercing experience, is an LPN and currently in school getting her RN degree.

*Sarah was fully trained by Rebecca and has over 6 years piercing experience. She is also a doula and in school getting her pre-reqs done for nursing school.

   CASH ONLY.…there is an ATM at Lark Tattoo and next door at the bar. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience.

  Hours ..

Mon      3-7

Tue        3-7

Wed       3-7 

Thu       2-7

Fri         2-7

Sat**      12:30-4

Sun**     12:30-4

** means, later time available by appointment on these days, please call or email

 Anything in “ORANGE” is a temporary change.

Store Closing

With heavy hearts we are letting you know our building has sold and we do not have a new location yet. The store will close to the public on Tuesday  Nov 28th.   We will have regular hours until Nov 28.

       After that, Rebecca will be available for piercings by appointment only until Dec 6th at the store.  We are actively looking for a new space to re-open later in the spring 2018.

          We hope to be working from other places a few weekends a month by appointment. Customers on our contact list will be notified first of these dates. Piercing dates will then be posted on our website and Facebook page. If you would like to be on our contact list for these dates and any updates please email us at larkvegas@gmail.com and tell us to add you to our contact list.



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