Piercing Apprenticeships

General information about apprenticeships;

Good apprenticeships are lengthy, at the very least 6 months to several years and you are generally expected to work for the shop without compensation while your training or for a specified amount of time. This can be very difficult for most people to do financially and they don’t finish the apprenticeship or learn as much as they could.  A good apprenticeship will not be cheap because you are paying for that persons knowledge, experience and time. Think of it as a trade school or compare the price to 2 years of college. Apprenticeships can cost $5000 and up depending where you go.

Don’t trust any place that wants all your money up front, says you will learn everything in a few weeks/months and doesn’t have a contract that spells out exactly how the training will progress and what is expected of you.  My personal apprenticeship lasted 2 years and I still did not know everything but I had the skills needed to apply the knowledge to other piercings safely.

When we train an apprentice to work for our store we generally do not charge the full amount and/or we work out repayment with work hours once the training is completed. New piercers are paid on a commission based sliding scale that increases with experience.

The reason most shops only take apprentices from out of town/state is because if your not hiring that person they become your competition. Apprenticeships also come with a non-compete clause which means you cannot work or open a shop within a specified area around the shop that trained you, usually about 25 mile radius.

Another thing to consider is licensing. Laws are changing everyday and becoming stricter to obtain a license depending on the city, county and state you are practicing in.  Soon you will be required to have college level Biology w/lab and Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 to obtain a licence in most states. Right now we require any apprentice to have at least Anatomy & Physiology 1, CPR & First Aid training before we accept them because we feel this knowledge is imperative to perform safe healthy piercings.


We ARE looking for an apprentice or experienced piercer at this time…


We are always accepting resumes.  Please also tell us something about why you want to become a piercer and include a photo of yourself.

Please do not call the store or stop in. If we are interested in you, we will contact you. Following instruction is an important part of an apprenticeship, if you can’t follow this simple one you will not be considered at all. You can email your resume, letter and contact information to larkvegas@gmail.com please put Apprenticeship Resume in the subject line.

Our shop requirements for an apprentice….

High School diploma+

at least 21 years old

NO DRUGS!! (we reserve the right to do periodic testing)

College level biology w/lab (may be waived)

Anatomy& Physiology 1 ( this may be waived to start the apprenticeship but will be required for employment)

CPR & Basic First aid



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