Infants 3M-5yrs

Lark Vegas will pierce the ear lobes of infants and toddlers that are at least 3 months old and with strict adherence to our requirements. 

Children that are able to talk must be able to tell us they want to be pierced and demonstrate that they understand what is going to happen and be able to sit still. We will not pierce children that are restrained. We reserve the right to refuse anyone, for any reason that makes us uncomfortable performing this procedure.

Requirements: (checklist) ALL requirements must be met or we will NOT perform the piercing.

  • Permission form #1, Infant Child NotaryConsent Form 2017 we require to be read, filled out and notarized prior to the appointment.
  • Permission form #2 will be filled out at the appointment.
  • You must have your ID and birth certificate for the infant (or copy of it).
  • A prescription strength numbing cream must be applied to the front and back of the lobes, according to the Rx directions before the procedure and left on until the procedure starts. Proof of the prescription will be required upon arrival. This must be obtained through your pediatrician.
  • Both parents or a parent and friend must be present with the infant/toddler in order to perform the procedure.
  • Due to the nature of this piercing, appointments will only be made before or after hours and only with our head piercer. One hour will be set aside for this procedure. If you are running late we will need to reschedule.

What you should know:  (I/T/C = Infant/Toddler/Child)

  • I/T/C should not have any vaccinations within 10 days before or after the piercing.
  •  I/T/C should not be on any medications or antibiotics.
  • I/T/C should not be having any cold or flu symptoms, or signs of any illness.
  • I/T/C may grab or pull jewelry; jewelry may get caught on clothing, blankets or other soft articles, which could damage or tear the ear lobe and cause scarring.
  • Infection, rejection, irritation & scarring are always a possibility.
  • The actual piercing is very quick but slower than a gun. You will be asked to hold the infants’ head and or arms so that the piercer may perform the piercing safely.
  • Toddlers/Children must be able and willing to sit & hold still during the procedure.
  • There is always the possibility both ears will not get done in one sitting and you may need a second appointment.
  • The I/T/C will most likely cry!! Even with numbing cream they may feel an unfamiliar sensation, are in a unfamiliar place with a unfamiliar person, doing unfamiliar things to them.
  • There will be a bit of stress and anxiety for everyone involved.
  • The starter jewelry should remain in for at least 6 months, preferably longer.
  • Please do your research and make sure you are comfortable with all of this information before making an appointment.

**Our piercers’ work on commission, if for any reason you or the child backs out during the appointment, $30 of the cost will not be refunded for our piercers’ time and will Not be applied to any future appointment.

**If only one ear is finished we will write you a certificate to finish the other side at another time. We will not refund half.

Cost is $125 and includes the jewelry.

Permission form #1 Infant Child NotaryConsent Form 2017



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